I just got my very first piece of mail addressed to "Krista [Tom's-Last-Name]." I am a bit freaked out and a bit giddy!

Roach on the Beach

Two weeks ago, Tom and I went to Myrtle Beach, SC, for a wedding. We were actually able to finagle our work schedules so that we could make this trip into a weekend vacation. Since this was to be our only summer vacation this year, and since it was only a couple days long, we decided to get a hotel right on the beach. However, with our own wedding coming up soon, we needed to keep things cheap.

Result: our hotel was a bit of a dive. But! It was right on the beach. You walked out the door onto the sand. And unlike at the Long Island beaches, I could actually swim in that water because it turns out the ocean is about 20 degrees warmer in South Carolina.

So it was worth the sacrifice of a nice hotel, but I do have a story to share. This being a dive of a hotel, we had some nighttime insect visitors--roaches. And since we were in the South, these were Southern roaches (roaches only get big in the South, I've learned). They weren't quite up to scale with some Texas roaches I've seen, but still, they were impressive enough.

You may remember from a previous post that Tom absolutely despises roaches. There was an incident when we were getting ready to go to bed one night and I spotted a roach on the wall.


Tom became an insane roach-destroying machine, smashing it good and leaving its guts behind on the wall.


However, the real story here is not killing the roach. It's that Tom took the time to pull the comforter up over his pillow before the killing to prevent roach guts splattering his pillow.


Notice that my pillow was left uncovered. Thanks a lot, honey.


Number Six

The Half Blood Prince teaser trailer finally came out!

In other news, I got my annual TB skin test today, and my arm looks like it has leprosy.

Stupidest Chief Complaint Ever

TEENAGE GIRL: I cut my leg shaving. It bled a lot for a while, but it's pretty much stopped now.

ME: Uh, so do you still want to be seen? Seen by a doctor in the emergency room?

TG: Yeah, I guess so.


Lily in a baby carriage?

My best friend from nursing school, Mary, had a baby girl early this morning! I am incredibly happy for her, because this is what she's always wanted.

Exciting times!

Olympic Fanaticism

I am somewhat obsessed with the Olympics. I don't know why, because I don't really watch much sports outside of the Olympics. Maybe it holds my attention better because it only happens every couple of years.

I watched most of the U.S. Olympic Trials which took place over the past couple of weeks. I have to admit, I developed a crush on the winner of the 1500m and 5000m runs, Bernard Lagat. His running is amazing, but what I like most about him is he doesn't sound like an idiot when they interview him after a race. I hate the post-race interviews with most of the male athletes. They have this glorious athletic achievement and then say something like "I think I done real good" to the TV reporter. Stupid Americans (Lagat is originally from Kenya).

Also, I discovered after some Googling that Lagat even has a pug! It's official, I love him.

Do you think this woman is on steroids (or some other performance enhancing drug)?

This is Dara Torres, the winner of the 50m and 100m freestyle swimming during the trials. She even set a new American record in the 50m. No big deal, except she's 41 and swimming faster than she did in her teens and twenties (and thirties, for that matter). She has a two-year-old daughter. At first I was all excited to see a middle-aged mother doing so well. Tom had to burst my bubble by comparing her achievement of peaking in her 40s to the "achievements" of Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds. Now I just don't trust her.

And now I'm done geeking out over the Olympics, at least until August.


Advice to Everyone: Elope!

No, seriously. Elope. Planning a wedding (and paying for said wedding) is just awful. It is completely beyond me to understand how some people enjoy this task. Some people enjoy it so much they make a career out of wedding planning. Mind blowing!

I guess I hate it mostly because I have no idea what I am doing. I have no experience putting small events together, let alone large, fancy ones. I am afraid I will leave something out, and all the wedding guests will be staring at me, shaking their heads and rolling their eyes. I will be wearing a big white dress, so I won't be able to hide.

I get comics on my Yahoo homepage, and I've been amused that the comic strip For Better or For Worse has been chronicling wedding stress right along with me. This was yesterday's strip:

For the record, I struggled with that decision as well. Verdict: The wine will be served. My wino friends will be wasted if I leave it out on the tables--too easily accessible.


Return from the land of hot flashes

I obviously took a lengthy hiatus from posting in my blog, or at least from posting publicly. I have written a handful of posts in the past few months, but for all your sakes, I made them private. All the posts I wrote while on Lupron were emotional diatribes about how horrible I felt while I was on Lupron. In summary: it was horrible.

I had headaches, hot flashes, weight gain, joint aches, and bitching mood swings. I completely lost sight of why I had decided to engage in those six months of hell. I yelled and cried a lot. Tom miraculously put up with me and is not too much worse for the wear, though I may have threatened him with bodily harm more than a few times.

I had my last injection over a month ago, so I am slowly going back to semi-normalcy. I say "semi" because I am still taking progesterone pills to prevent me from ovulating. I am still a bit moody and extremely prone to weight gain and pimples...lovely side effects for any bride-to-be to deal with. But at least my body is not completely devoid of all estrogen.

So, as the Lupron leaves my body and the estrogen returns, I thought I would celebrate feeling more like myself again by writing again.

Ironically, I seem to have written about how horrible I felt on Lupron yet again. I promise, this is the last one. Tomorrow I will rant about how much I hate wedding planning!

The best part about being engaged...

(Besides all the mushy stuff about being in love, of course) all the free stuff. I had no idea the great quality and quantity of free stuff that engaged couples enjoy.

Not long after Tom and I got engaged, we visited our parents in Texas. My mom gave me a wedding magazine to peruse on the plane ride back to New York. During the flight, a flight attendant noticed the magazine and saw my engagement ring and actually brought Tom and me two mini bottles of champagne!

That was just the tip of the iceberg, though. Once we started the hardcore planning in Texas a couple weeks ago, I realized we had hit the jackpot. We showed up for our first cake tasting, and the baker laid out eight different flavors of cake, two cake fillings, and four kinds of icing. The day after that, we met with our caterer, who allowed us to sample the hors d'oeuvres, the salad, two entrees, two vegetables, and the yummy garlic mashed potatoes. It was a full meal, and it was totally free. The florist gave me a free bouquet of flowers. A harpist gave us a free, private, mini-concert in her home. A photographer gave us some nice fountain pens.

Tom and I are seriously considering hitting up some Long Island bakeries for cake tasting, and conveniently leaving out the fact that the wedding is taking place in Texas...



1 brand new pediatrician
1 annoying charge nurse
2 idiotic, vomiting, drunk teenagers
3 babies spurting diarrhea
4 crappy veins while trying to start an IV
countless parents who need to be smacked upside the head with some common sense
my first "at work" hot flash
not my finest shift

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